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1. What does Bionovo do?

Bionovo is dedicated to the development of novel therapeutic agents for cancer and women's health. The company has innovative screening processes to select agents for their pro-apoptotic properties and selective estrogen receptor activity to develop promising therapies for cancer and indications in women’s health.

2. When was Bionovo founded and by whom?

Isaac Cohen, O.M.D, L.Ac., the CEO, and Mary Tagliaferri, M.D., L.A.c., the President and CMO, founded Bionovo, Inc. in 2002.

3. When was Bionovo incorporated?

Bionovo was incorporated in Delaware in 2005.

4. How many employees does Bionovo have?

As of February 17, 2012 Bionovo has 52 full-time employees.

5. Bionovo is currently developing what drugs?

Menerba is a non-steroidal oral drug with estrogen receptor beta selectivity designed for the treatment of hot flashes and night sweats in menopausal women.

Bezielle is an oral anti-cancer agent for the treatment of advanced breast cancer and pancreatic cancer which induces caspase-independent apoptosis through mitochondrial transmembrane potentiation.

Seala is a non-steroidal vaginal cream selective to the estrogen receptor beta designed for the treatment of vaginal atrophy associated with menopause.

6. Can you please describe Bionovo's patent estate?

Bionovo has full ownership of all of its drugs and drug candidates. Bionovo is securing its drugs and related diagnostic methods with all aspects of potential protection in order to secure the company’s future potential earnings.

7. What is Bionovo's fiscal year?

Bionovo’s fiscal year ends on December 31.

8. How can I get a current stock quote?

Bionovo's trading symbol is BNVI.PK A current stock quote can be found at

9. How can I buy Bionovo stock?

Please contact a registered stockbroker.

10. Does Bionovo provide a direct stock purchase plan?

Bionovo does not provide a direct stock purchase program.

11. Does Bionovo issue dividends on its Common Stock?

Bionovo has not paid cash dividends since its inception and does not intend to pay cash dividends in the foreseeable future.

12. On which exchange does Bionovo trade and what is the symbol?

Bionovo's common stock is traded under the symbol BNVI.PK on the OTC Market.

13. Whom can I contact at Bionovo for an investor packet?

You can request information online using the information request function on our website or contact:

14. How do I get a copy of Bionovo's SEC filings, including 10-K's and 10-Q's?

Bionovo's financial filings are available on the investor's section of the Bionovo website or via

15. Who is Bionovo's stock transfer agent?

250 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021

16. How do I transfer warrants?

The following should be submitted to proceed with a warrant transfer:

1. Warrant Certificate, medallion guaranteed

2. Transfer instructions

For warrants issued in 2009 and thereafter, this request should be sent to:

P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940

By overnight delivery:

250 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021

For warrants issued prior to 2009, this request should be sent to:

Shareholder Services
Bionovo, Inc
5858 Horton Street, Suite 400
Emeryville, CA 94608

17. Whom do I contact regarding stock certificates bearing restrictive legends?

For restricted stock matters, please contact David Boyle, Bionovo’s SVP & CFO at (510) 420-4189

18. What is Bionovo's CUSIP number?

Bionovo's CUSIP number is 090643 10 7.